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Our Services

The Bond Wealth Management Experience

During your first meeting, we will ask questions that will help paint your financial portrait and clarify your goals and challenges while educating you about wealth management philosophies.There will be nothing sold and nothing to sign during the initial consultation. We will then create a personalized plan providing details about how Bond Wealth Management may make a difference in your life and the lives of family members. All fees and financial arrangements will be discussed prior to starting a relationship. You will never be asked to make a decision until you thoroughly understand what is presented to you.

Being Wise With Your Wealth

Bond Wealth Management is a full-service financial advisory firm that seeks to meet every aspect of your financial needs. We take a long-term view of each short-term decision you make, ensuring each individual piece of your life's plan fits into the whole. We understand that every aspect of your financial life is interrelated and must be analyzed comprehensively. A decision about one aspect must be coordinated with decisions about the others.

Bond Wealth Management will guide you through the language of finance and investments to help pursue your goals for your retirement, your family members and your favorite charitable organizations. Our planning services include:

  • Retirement
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Long-term care

We also provide:

  • Evaluating your estate and the income tax implications of your investments.
  • Transferring assets to your beneficiaries, working to preserve your estate and protect it from excessive taxes and fees.
  • Carrying out the instructions of your trust.